Training for future profesionals on the Assembly, Start-up, Management and Maintenance of
electrical Microgrids

About Microgrids 

A microgrid refers to a system of electrical generation sources, like solar and wind, coupled with energy storage that can provide energy to buildings, campuses, and telecommunication systems.

Microgrids can be connected to the existing electric grid or can function independently in case of emergencies. The large scale deployment of microgrids and energy storage will require a new approach to how electricity is generated and managed and will include the increased use of batteries and other forms of energy storage.
Regarding the significance the microgrids are taking on the frame of electricity, it is important to train the future workers of this technology. Nowadays there is not a big offer of training programs for the future employees, on the one hand, because this is a relatively young technology, and on the other hand, because the trainers themselves are not completely prepared because of the lack of knowledge.
Taking this into account, the overall aim of the project is to create new training content related to microgrids, this new energy spectrum based on renewable energies at a global level.